Tips: You can use the POSTMAN to test API

*customerIdentity#(recommend fill, refer to purchase restore section/ sms code section)
deviceType# (ANDROID、iOS)
deviceFactory#(Phone manufacturer brand)
appStore# (please refer to below on the format for each app store)
networkType#(such as 4G, 3G, 2G, WIFI)
    "msg": "success",
    "code": 0,
    "data": "success"
    code: "error code",
    msg: "error message"

Please use ## ****base url.

List of app store names and input format for appStore field

The following is a list of stores for the analytics API. This will calculate the total download/activations for your app by each store. This is not to be confused with the sourceFrom in the payments API. If you would like a complete picture and the conversion rate for each store, you'll need to send both pieces of information to the database.

Tencent MyApp: tencent

Huawei App Market: huawei

Oppo Software Store: oppo

360 Mobile Assistant: 360

Baidu Mobile Assistant/91 Assistant/ Himarket: baidu

MIUI App Store: miui

VIVO App Store: vivo

PP Assistant/Wandoujia/Taobao: pp

China Mobile MM Store: chinamm

Anzhi Market: anzhi

Sogou Mobile Assistant: sogou

Meizu Flyme: meizu

Coolpad: coolpad

Lenovo Store: lenovo

Samsung App Store: samsung

AppChina: appchina

Others: others

Android Usage

Please refer to the following android demo app. You can refer to it to get an idea of how to implement it in your own app. : Line 87