1. Install iOS SDK fro WeChat Pay

2. Install iOS SDK For Alipay

2.1. Add alipay SDK to your project by CocoaPods

    pod  'AlipaySDK-iOS'

2.2. Add header file references to files that need to call the AliPay SDK.

    import  <AlipaySDK/AlipaySDK.h>

2.3. Config your appScheme

at XCode control panel ,find Info tab —> URL Types tab ——> +
then at URL Schemes input your appScheme , such as alisdkdemo

2.4 Official Demo

Get official demo from HERE

3. What you need to develop with our API is to

  1. Query your app paychannels using (PayTools.json API)

  2. Init each paychannel with the result in step 1

  3. Show the paychannel in the cashier page

  4. Create pay order for the channel using (CreateOrder.json API)

  5. Invoke the payment API

  6. Query the pay result and show the result page (QueryOrder.json API)