Frequently Asked Questions

The demo code works for payments, but when I use my own APP_ID and APP_SECRET the Wechat pay and Alipay buttons disappear
Please make sure you are not just swapping your APP_ID and APP_SECRET with the demo code's information. Each set of APP_ID and SECRET is connected to a specific app. This information cannot be used interchangeably with other apps. Make sure you change the package name, and signature as well.

What is the correct base URL for the payments API?
The correct one to use for your final production version is:
This is not to be confused with, which is used for the demo apk only.

What is the correct base URL for the analytics API?
The correct one to use is:

Do you have a demo to show the flow of payments?
Yes we do. Please refer to:

AliPay button works but the WeChat button will not work
This is due to either the app signature or app package name (or both) not matching on WeChat's end. Please contact your technical support engineer to update this information exactly as it appears in your apk. Alipay does not validate your app’s signature. If your Alipay works it does not necceesarily mean that WeChat pay will work.

Why am I getting the 'signature does not match' error in WeChat pay even though the signatures are matching?
Please clear the WeChat app data or reinstall WeChat and try again. WeChat stores this information in the app, so if you change this information during development the app itself will still remember the old information unless you clear app data or reinstall the app.

Is AppInChina's payment API a web API?
Yes, you may use any language you are comfortable with to access the api. Examples in this documentation are in Java.

How long does auth token for the sms login system stay valid?
Clients set the number of devices their customers can logon to at the same time. By default this number is 3 devices, this can be changed upon request. The auth token stays valid forever, unless the user reaches the device limit. When this happens the server automatically revokes the oldest token.