Tips: You can use the POSTMAN to test API

Report the actions that users oparate your APP

*customerIdentity#(recommend fill, refer to purchase restore section/ sms code section)
*deviceId#(mobile  deviceId)
*actionType#(page jump  event type is NAVIGATE , click event type is TAP)
*pageName#(the name of the page where the trigger event is located)
eventName#(the name of event)
attachData#(additional data)
gmtOccur#(the time when the event occur)
    "msg": "success",
    "code": 0,
    "data": "success"
    code: "error code",
    msg: "error message"

Please use ## base url

Params description

param nametypeavailable valuedescription
actionTypeStringNAVIGATE or TAPTypes of trigger events

if the event is creating an activity or destroying an activity ,the actionType can use NAVIGATE
if the event is clicking a botton in pages ,the actionTypecan use TAP


Android Usage : Line 121